(Affiliated to University of Calicut) Mayannur, South Kondazhy, Thrissur Dist.

Learning At Lakshmi Narayana

* Glorious Tradition: An educational institution with four decades of magnificent experience.
* Highly qualified, dedicated and experienced Faculty: Experience and qualified faculty,
committed to the quality output of students are strong pillars of this college.
* Impeccable Administration: Strict discipline for all hierarchies irrespective of management, faculty and students, aimed at achieving the best of the best
* results of yesteryears: This College has been constantly producing exemplary results over the past three decades or more in the University & Kerala Higher Secondary Board examinations.
* Excellent study notes & periodic tests: Specially drafted study notes that simplify the burden of learning and helps in achieving good scores in the University examinations. Periodic tests that equip the student familiarise the Board / University question paper pattern with exceptional confidence.
* Integrated Teaching Approach: Integrated Teaching Methodologies are being practised to prepare and equip the students fittest for the Board/University examinations.
* Special Revision Classes: These classes facilitate as a catalyst in enforcing and boosting the confidence of the students and help them to become better achievers, in the rat race to the highest and coveted positions.
* Doubt clearance Sessions: Special sessions will be arranged for the students who need personal assistance from faculty to clarify their doubts and enhancement of learning of lessons taught.
* Enrichment Programme for gifted children: Just as revision or remedial classes for slow learners, special enrichment programme are designed to exploit the best of the best out of academically gifted students.
* Student friendly environment: The campus and its programmes are primarily aimed at the comprehensive development of its students and hence maintains a student friendly environment where the student can bring out his best potentials and use it for better results.
* Co-scholastic Programmes: Co-scholastic programmes that provide the students to nurture and show case their artistic, histrionic and sports talents giving due importance to the development of their personal and inter-personal skills.